Music for the NEXT One 10/31/15 : “Living Life” by Malice and Mario Sweet ft. Geologic

Finding new Funk is always a delight, and this weekends song marks the first time I found some on Twitter! Malice and Mario Sweet are a husband and wife modern soul, funk and R&B act hailing from the Emrald City, Seattle, Washington. Back in the early 2000s, Kofy Brown pretended to be a couple act, releasing the classic “After Party”, which we hope to cover one day. But the Sweet’s are the real deal. Today’s tune, “Living Life” is a very special one, combining a dope Linn Drum beat with a phat laid back funk groove and The Sweets tasty vocals.

The tune begins with a drum machine kick off in the vein of the classic snare heavy intro to Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You.” From there the groove kicks in with classic MPLS style swagger. The drumbeat incorporates the phat snares and unique timings of the MPLS era of funk, while the sub toned bass is strong and resolute, accented by bass guitar pops, while a mellow Rhodes tone comes in right on top of the beat and sustains. Malice and Mario lay beautiful, jazzy, behind the beat melodious lines on top of the easy flowing funk track. Synth tones spice up the groove as Malice and Mario set the mood, speaking about the end of a day, when people settle down from the hustle and bustle and get their own thing going.

:55 in the music hits a nice chord sequence/change to support the group’s assertion that they “ain’t trying to be no one else but Me.” The chorus of “I’m just out here living my life” soon comes into play, backed by an interesting bass line with a suspended chord flavoring. From there the groove begins to heat up, as the group sings “And Everybody’s dancing/profiling and romancing.” Rhythm guitar adds further support to the groove as the bass gets more room to work. The music goes back to the top, as Malice comes in like Janet on “Control”, “When I was 17/I did what people told me.” As she develops her verse the bass guitar begins to play some hip, funky/jazzy runs in the rhythmic holes left by her verse. She ends making the proclamation “I’m standing on my own two feet”, which leads the way for the chorus of “I’m just out here living my life” to re appear. ” Geologic pops in after this to drop a rap verse of the unusual length of 10 bars, in which he tells us in my favorite line that he’s “Hungry/but bullshit’s off the menu.” The song goes out with an extended vamp that gives the vocalists room to express, and breaks it all the way down to the instruments for it’s final bow.

“Living Life” is an example of the excellent quality music that exists off most of our radio dials and television screens that can be found on the World Wide Web. And it’s the type of song and group that represent why I do this blog. Some of my friends ask me from time to time, “how do you find this stuff?” In this particular instance, because of other things I was writing, the group and song found me. One of my best friends, Frank, sometimes gets into a habit of parroting that old line, “there’s no good music out there”, which I gotta tell him is hogwash. There’s a truckload, but the traditional channels no longer bring it to you! “Living Life” sounds like a prime time, drive time, lazy days of Summer, cocktails and grilled skewers hit to me! Big props to the artists involved, and you can be sure to hear more from Malice and Mario on this blog from now ’till!


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One response to “Music for the NEXT One 10/31/15 : “Living Life” by Malice and Mario Sweet ft. Geologic

  1. Wonderful nu funk tune of course. Good of you to bring out something Rickey Vincent discussed about funk artists abandoning radio as a communication resource during the post disco freeze out. And now the internet has offered even more chance for funk to find people-rather than have them have to go on musical quests to look for it.

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