Let These ‘Coming To America’ Quotes ‘Tear You Apart’ With Laughter

Hands down “Coming to America” is as close as I Get to having a favorite movie, from what I feel is the peak of Murphy’s career. Here’s a list that will get you laughing.



Eddie Murphy shot to fame as a teenager on Saturday Night Live and solidified his hold on our attention thanks to 48 Hours and Beverly Hills Cop, but while those films are iconic kickstarts to the action-comedy genre, it’s possible that you may view Coming to America as Murphy’s best. Filled to the brim with hilarious characters (many of which were played by Murphy and co-star Arsenio Hall) and a fish out of water story about a prince who comes to New York in search of love and a normal life, Coming to America also possesses that rare thing among comedies — it holds up upon repeat viewings. Which makes it infinitely quotable.

“The royal penis is clean, your Highness.” – Bather

The opening scene of Coming to America does a good job of establishing just how wealthy and powerful Akeem’s family really is. They’re so privileged that…

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