Liberia on Sale: Lebanese Citizen is Liberian Ambassador to Lebanon But Pays Death Ears to Sex Slave Plight of Liberian Women

Interesting article on a somewhat historic level of corruption in Liberia. Can not imagine this under Tubman but in some ways it’s merely bringing the foreign influence in the public where it can be seen!

The New Dispensation

Beruit08 Ambassador Fouad Ghandour /Liberia Chief of Mission to Lebanon

The Liberian nation is going through an unfortunate tragedy with an unprecedented outbreak of the Ebola virus which has decimated the country and posing a blanket of stigmatization of Liberian Diaspora communities motivated by the latest diagnosing of another Liberian, Thomas Eric Duncan of the Ebola virus in the United States.

But as the Ebola outbreak has exposed severe flaws and weaknesses if not breakdown of governance and the nonexistence of healthcare infrastructures, another crisis is on the horizon as Liberian women duped by Lebanese men as taking them as girlfriends to Lebanon but eventually lured them into sex slaves.  as they arrive in Lebanon.

According to an in-depth investigation conducted by Mr George Miller, an American Senior foreign policy strategist and Senior Vice President at Executive Action LLC, with direct interest on International Affairs, the CIA, Office of the Director…

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