Anatomy of THE groove 3/21/14 Part II: Elvis Costello and The Roots “Stick Out Your Tounge”

My weekly Friday music post on Andresmusicktalk featuring the Roots and Elvis Costello


Elvis Costello and the Roots 2013 collabo “Wise Up Ghost”, was one of the most fascinating albums of last year. The pairing of an artsy, eclectic vocalist who traffics in many styles with an artsy, eclectic hip hop band that traffics in various styles as well was one that sent my antenna’s buzzing. The album didn’t disapoint for me either, as it merged many classic lyrics and songs from Costello’s career with a lean, mean funk sound from the Roots. Basically, the Roots took a sound from the era that inspired the golden age of hip hop sampling, the late ’60s to mid ’70s, and plied it behind a diverse palete of vocals from Costello. That period is known as one that had a somewhat dark and sinister undercurrent to it, due to the supression of the Civil Rights, Black Power, and Anti War Movements, and the election of Richard…

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