P-Funk concert notes follow up! : Cherokee interview

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there. What you do is much appreciated and deserves a lifetime of care and devotion from your youngun’s. This particular post is a follow up to my post on the George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic concert I attended at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland, California, back at the end of March. Calvin Lincoln of Soul School television and myself got to interview Jeff “Cherokee” Bunn, P Funk bassist, at their hotel in Oakland the day after the show. I was not familiar with Cherokee prior to meeting him, but I was familiar with the Brides of Funkenstien, and Calvin’s assertion that the band the Brides took on their tours in 1978/79, were SERIOUS competition for the main P-Funk outfit, featuring people such as Junie Morrison, Blackbyrd McKnight, and as I was to find out recently, “Cherokee”. Cherokee turned out to be a very warm, welcoming individual, whom it was a pleasure to meet, and I feel greatful I had the oppurtunity to meet him briefly and learn about P-Funk and some other life lessons from him. So for those living out of the Bay Area, here are clips from the SoulSchool interview with Cherokee. Enjoy!



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2 responses to “P-Funk concert notes follow up! : Cherokee interview

  1. GR8 interview. It’s always good to see people of have help me evolved into a GR8 Bass Playa !!! Much love & Respect. Forever Funkin’ On!!!

  2. Cherokee

    Glad to be of service;)

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