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  1. Mario G.

    Rique, u r truly a beast, and I luv it, realtalk! Holy shit, “bitches brew”, u just fucked my head, homie! It’s a trip how the human experience goes down….. Yo soy Chicano, grown ass man who grew on this Town soil in the world of música, word up. My pops was a community activist more than anything else, but yo, he was big on Miles during my childhood… Miles and Coltrane, he’d preach it (“love supreme” was his church) I hella fkn remember dat bitches brew album… the title itself left an imprint on my brain, not to mention the album cover art…. Look at it now- FUCK!!!! Anyway, it looks like u were on “a picture speaks a million words” shit on this one, and that’s cool, real, & hapnin, word up. ¡QUE VIVE LA MÚSICA!

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