Hey Young World

As you’ve probably already picked up from the title of this blog, my name is Rique and this blog is an oppurtunity for me to finally “speak.” It’s my sincere hope to speak with some intelligence, wit, verve, and nerve. Thank you for visiting this blog, it really touches me that I could get a moment from  your busy, web surfing, time killing schedule (I’m a champion surfer/time killer myself, so I know how hard it is). You will not, on a regular basis, find nude ladies on this page…much as I dig images of naked ladies there are other places for that type of content. Hopefully from time to time you will find something you can agree with. Surely you will find things to disagree with! It is my hope to engage readers of this blog in a dialouge about facets of the world that interest me and share some things I believe I’ve come to understand, as well as come to understand a few more things with your help.

The scope of this blog will be wide, covering topics in politics, social affairs,and the arts. Music will be a primary theme, including the social ramifications of various pieces of music and the people who drove them. It is a personal goal of mine to get more of my writing out there, and this blog, and your feedback on it, is my prime vehicle for developing my writing aesthetic. So let’s look at this as our conversation space. Looking forward to rapping with you!



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4 responses to “Hey Young World

  1. Rique, I know you as an open minded, intelligent and articulate man so I look forward to reading your thoughts, opinions and views on your blog.
    Congratulations on this project, Rique. How often are you planning to blog?

    • Ron, it’s an honor to have your comment be the first on my first post. I’ve told you already you’re an inspiration for perservering in your writing career and now that it’s rolling, you’re going all the way! I hope to follow in your footsteps in that regard! I have some major posts planned that will take a little bit of resarch or writing, but you could get several posts a week on news events and things I’m thinking about or that catch my interest, however, it could be a couple of weeks if I’m really working on a post. Stay tuned though!

  2. Andre' Grinlde

    I hope this blog catches on because,in such a non aural culture such as this,it’s all the more important than the cultural significance music can provide be discussed. And possibly in the most witty and entertaining of ways as well/

  3. Thanks for your comment Andre and I agree, I remember a book title of a book on soul/R&B that I’ve never read but always fascinated me, “what the music said.” Often times I’ve heard people say, “it’s just music”, but music explains the social context of various era’s so well. Let’s shed a little more light on how it has done and continues to do that!

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